Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tutorial: Upcycle Dishwashing Sponge with Handle Tutorial

A few weeks ago I caved and bought a kitchen dishwashing sponge with handle for a dime in the clearance section.  My daughter said it will be easier to clean the Mason jars we use for leftovers and glassware.  While washing dishes I got grossed out about the germs harboring on the sponge so   I thought about throwing it away, but  the upcycler in me decided to figure out a way to replace the sponge with something reusable instead. I decided to replace the sponge with a thrifted t-shirt that I can wash it so I threw the sponge away and replaced it with the washable t-shirt rolled up.

4X thrifted T-shirt (If you use a smaller t-shirt cut more strips)
Ruler (optional)


1. Lay shirt out flat on the floor or a table. 
1. Cut horizontally across the t-shirt four inches above the seam, but don't cut all the way through the shirt.
2. Cut another strip four inches above the last cutting all the way through.
3. Cut diagonally across from one section to the other so you'll have one continuous strip.
4. Cut slits 1- 1.50 inches slits in on both sides and an inch apart on the long strip like the picture.

5. Roll the strip into a tight ball then slide through the handle of the dishwashing sponge. You may have to cut the slits a little more.

Care: Wring dish wash sponge handle after use and allow lean in dish drying rack or against sink. Machine wash in a lingerie bag or pillow or hand wash. I spray vinegar water on mine to sanitize often.

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