Thursday, May 9, 2013

Upcycle Embroidery Floss Holder

I'm always looking for ways to incorporate upcyling in my crafting. I found the perfect way to organize my embroidery floss without purchasing a plastic holder. Using cereal box cardboard for this holder saved me money and turned out to be a great conversation piece in doctor's offices.  It works since I don’t use the embroidery floss that much.


1 Cereal box or similar packing
Embroidery floss
Scrapbook paper
Markers or crayons
stickers (optional)
Elmers White Glue
Hole Puncher or Use Scissors for holes


1. Cut one Embroidery Floss Holder from cereal box packing like below. You'll need one embroidery floss holder for every two skeins. I made two spaces for mine since I like to keep my projects portable.

2. Cut a front and back template the same size as the embroidery floss holder above without the indentions. Set aside.

3. Cut slits on every embroidery floss holder template as shown in the picture.

 4. Cut paper to cover both sides of the front and back template. Glue the paper and decorate with stickers, glitter etc. to  both sides. Let dry overnight.

5. Punch holes on the edge of each embroidery floss holder template and on the front and back template.


6. Sew Button on the front  where the second hole was punched. Thread elastic through back cover and tie a not. The elastic should pull around the front to keep the Embroidery Floss Holder together.

6. Wrap floss around each of the embroidery floss holder spots.

7.  Thread ribbon through each of the embroidery floss holders with the front and back lined up. You’ll have the perfect Upcycled Embroidery Floss Holder

I know my picture are not the best quality, but I decided to share this tutorial anyways since it can help a lot of people save money while organizing your craft items.  

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  1. Too cute. Thanks for sharing on the Upcycled Linky Party at

  2. Thanks Tricia,
    I try to find new uses for old things.