Saturday, June 1, 2013

Praying for the Storms to Pass

Yesterday we sat quietly in the house listening to the winds beat up the siding and rain like crazy. We heard things hitting the side of our home, but we didn't go outdoors. The thunder claps made me jump several times. Storms are one of those things that I totally dislike since seeing my babysitter hit by lightning when I was a child.  ( A story for another time) I’ll actually walk quickly to get into the house.  I don’t like watching the lightning hit ground or hearing the claps of thunder at all.  

While I was waiting for the storm to pass I did get to work on the Upcycled dog bed made from old denim jeans of my daughter I started several months ago for Bandit  and I got several parts finished and prepped myself for installing a zipper something I have been avoiding like the plague. I've been a button, snap, and Velcro crafter for closures until I decided I need to overcome the obstacle of installing zippers, which I haven’t yet since I’m still cutting, pinning, and sewing pieces together.   

We kept the local news channel on the entire time even through the crummy paid informational ads that repeat the same thing over and over. Finally went to sleep at about three o’clock in the morning after the worst of it went through. Before going to sleep I did find text weather alerts from the Weather Channel before going to sleep, which was a relief since our local news channel only has alerts for iPhone4s and above phones.  It doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Saturday morning my daughter, Bandit, and I went for our daily morning walk looking for damage around our neighborhood. It was really wet out so our feet sunk in the ground. I was really glad I chose to wear tennis shoes instead of my flip flops I've had for at least five years otherwise my socks would have been soaked from the pot holes in the road and wet grass. Thankfully the only damage I found was a tree limb laying on the ground snapped in half and some leaves laying all over the ground that weren't there Friday evening.  

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