Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Crafty Round Up

Since winter is almost gone I thought I'd celebrate with a Monday Crafty Round Up with some necklaces to bring in spring instead of those wool hats and gloves.

 #1 Crocheted Flower Necklace- I'm crazy about crocheted necklaces especially ones with flowers and leaves.

#2 Upcycled Tie Necklace I've seen a lot of crafty projects made with ties, but I really like this necklace. This necklace would be adorable way for a nursing baby to hang onto while nursing.  It's a great way to have something of dad's while the baby is nursing.

#3 Fabric Crochet Necklace- Here's a mixture of crocheting and  upcycling  to create an adorable necklace. This necklace would be great made with tye dyed fabric or t-shirt scraps.  I'd love to add some pony beads to this necklace.

#4 Cherry Blossom/Japanese Sakura Necklace I love this necklace so much.  I've had a thing for cherry blossoms since my dog died. They put his ashes in a wo box covered with cherry blossoms. 

#5 Quick Crochet Necklace- Here's an adorable necklace made with bulky yarn instead of worsted weight yarn. It would look great in variegated or solid colored yarn. If you don't have any bulky yarn try using a couple strands of worsted weight yarn.   

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