Thursday, April 18, 2013

Overcome the Lie: Let Go Let God

Overcome The lie

Have you checked out the Overcome the Lie Challenge? If you haven't you’re missing a powerful movement that being felt by bloggers and tweeters. It's a powerful movement that's spread the word of God while his followers give up one thing for 40 days similar to lent.  Ashley the creator of Overcome the Lie sends some powerful messages and just today sent one powerful message that really hit home with me.

For forty days, I've decided to not engage in negative conversation about other people and let people worry about their own stuff. It’s a real challenge since I live close to a few people who sell drugs. I've decided that I'm not wasting my breath even talking about their comings and goings.

I've decided to let God take care of the problem. I'm not the type to tell other people what to do or what not to do with their life. Does it affect me? Yes and No, but it doesn't do me any good wasting my time talking about since I cannot do anything about it.   I've decided to let go and let God even it’s a struggle to keep my tongue quiet.

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